History in the Hills society is a group to support the event History in the Hills!

History in the Hills is an annual production located at the Archeological Dig site at Elkwater Lake, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Alberta

History in the the Hills Society's planning committee include: History in the Hills Board, Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park, First Nations Metis and Inuit Education, Medicine Hat School District 76, 

Sponsors Past and Present include:  Canadian Heritage, Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage, Cenovus Energy,  HACH Society, University of Calgary Archaeology Department, Fort Walsh National Historic Site, Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Siksika Nation, Kainai Nation, Blackfoot Confederacy, Medicine Hat Community Foundation, Alberta Teacher’s Association, the Esplanade City of Medicine Hat

Current Board members: 
Deborah Lloyd -President and founder,  Dr. Linda Rossler -Vice President, Wes King-Hunter -Treasurer, Gary Martin -Secretary, Tylend Lloyd and Ciarra Lloyd -Youth Representatives and board members Carrie Stewart, and Shirley Hirsekorn, Honorary Board Member: Dr. Gerald Oetelaar 


Here is the story of how History in the Hills came into being:

In 2002 Deborah Lloyd and Dr. Gerald Oetaalar met and identified a need for more access to the Stampede dig site near Elkwater, Alberta.  They set a plan in place utilizing the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education model of Native Awareness Week activities.  After setting the plan in place and getting approval from the Medicine Hat School District 76 board of Trustees, they began to build capacity asking community partners to join in the effort. This production passed through many stages of development, various partnerships developed to build a strong future for the event and success for the planners.  It has evolved into a production that is a one of a kind only in Canada event! History in the Hills continues to grow and develop!